Holistic Products

Living With Purpose

At Jayme Janelle we strive live each day with simplicity, delight, and purpose. We strongly believe that each day is a great day to make choices that lead to a healthier you. Whether you are looking to make changes to improve your gut health, weight management, nutrition, or skincare, we are here to support your journey.

Gut Health

Making healthy choices when it comes to the food you consume and the physical activities you partake in will directly affect your overall health. With this, there will be an impact on your gut health. Your body’s reactions may be indicating that it needs an extra boost to perform its best. Explore products that will help your body find the perfect balance.

Weight Managment

Weight management can be a frustrating and sometimes heavy task. We are often looking for sustainable ways to help us reach and maintain our weight goals. If you are looking for a product that can help you nourish your body and take control of your weight management, explore these supplemental options.


Proper and sustainable nutrition is an essential part of living with purpose and delight. The food you eat it what fuels you to be the best version of yourself each day. Every healthy choice you make brings you one step closer to being the healthy, joyful individual you aspire to be. If you need an extra boost in your diet, check out these products.


Your skin is the first layer that provides protection from your surrounding environment. This being said, taking care of your skin is a priority to be your healthiest self. There are countless options when it comes to establishing a skincare routine. If you are looking for a skincare routine that works for your skin and your budget, check out these products.

Simplicity. Purpose. Delifht.

At Jayme Janelle, we know each person’s journey to a healthy lifestyle is different. As you strive to be the best version of yourself,  we look to provide support and resources that help you achieve your goals. These products are just one of the many ways you can begin to live simply, purposefully, and delightfully.