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Maximum Weight Loss

Achieve Maximum Weight Loss 5 Things You MUST Know

Have you been struggling to achieve maximum weight loss? Or even to simply lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle? If so, then keep reading to find out my top 5 tips for achieving maximum weight loss! Or, if you prefer a more visual or audio experience then you can watch and listen to my video that goes over all

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how to make EPIC vegan French toast

How to Make EPIC Vegan French Toast

The drive to make this EPIC vegan French toast I’m not certain whether I’m just a big French toast snob…or a French toast baby? But since going plant based I struggled to find a French toast recipe that I loved! Finally, with the use of this secret ingredient… my easy vegan scrambled egg mix, the one I use for well,

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How to make reusable hot/cold packs

How to Make Reusable Hot/Cold Packs

The comfort of a reusable hot/cold pack Sewing these reusable hot/cold packs is about a 15 minute project and so simple, even a beginner sewer can make these. I store them in the freezer so that they are always cold and ready to be used for a bumped head or scraped knee. For a sore neck or back, or anything

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Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas That are Sure to Please

Are you looking for some delicious vegan Thanksgiving recipe ideas? Whether you are newly plant based like we are, or if you are hosting a plant based friend or relative, these vegan Thanksgiving recipes are sure to please! What’s on the menu for this Vegan Thanksgiving? If you’ve like to watch the video of how simple it was to throw

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vegan chicken soup made into 2 meals

Vegan Chicken Soup Made into Two Meals

Why I decided to come up with a vegan chicken soup Chicken soup has been a comfort food for me for years! When the weather gets cold, when I have a cold, when I need a wholesome but light meal. Served fresh in a bowl, thrown into a thermos, you name it. It warms and sooths my soul. Why not

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Vegan scrambled egg mix

Easy Vegan Scrambled Egg Mix.

If you’re like me then before going plant based you probably LOVED eggs for breakfast! I used to eat eggs every day…well, at least almost every day. This vegan scrambled egg mix has been the perfect solution for me. It’s easy, fast and tastes great. The key ingredient to give it that ‘egg’ flavor is this black salt. I like

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sensational fast oil free mini apple pies

Mini Apple Pies Sensational FAST Oil Free

Have you ever had a mini apple pie? What is your favorite thing about fall? Mine is definitely, hands down, baking. The amazing aromas floating through my kitchen. These sensational fast oil free mini apple pies are no exception. The first thing my husband said when he walking in from work when I was making these, “oh my God what

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make apple cider vinegar at home

Make Apple Cider Vinegar at Home. Its SO Easy!

Don’t throw those apple scraps away! You can make apple cider vinegar at home and it’s super simple. I love fall. Apple picking, pumpkin patches and baking. LOT’S of baking! We use a ton of apples in the fall and I can’t believe I have been composting my apple scraps all these years…what a waste! If I only knew before

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Apple Weight Loss Waffles

Fall Apple Waffles That Help You Lose Weight

We are amidst the beautiful fall weather! These fall apple waffles that help you lose weight are delicious AND nutritious. Starch Solution inspired I have kept these waffles free from oils, animal products and have added in extra veggies to ramp up the nutrition and reduce the calorie count. Breakfast “the most important meal of the day” We’ve all heard

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