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Welcome to my little spot of simple sunshine, where we no longer dread to-do lists, feel the burdens of a complex life, and instead, live everyday with gratitude. I am so excited to take this journey with you, as we work towards living a more sustainable, earth friendly and DIY lifestyle.


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About Me

Welcome! Thanks so much for stopping by. My name is Jayme Janelle and I’m the creator of this blog and the Jayme Janelle YouTube channel. Here on our plant-based Colorado homestead, we have a passion for living simply, on purpose, and finding the beauty in every day and God’s gifts all around us. 

I love spending time outdoors and using my hands to create plant-based food from scratch, usable crafts and handmade items for a simple handmade home. When we need something we can’t make we strive to purchase second hand as much as we can.

Sustainable & Satisfied

At Jayme Janelle, I strive to lead by example. I know having a sustainable lifestyle can be daunting, but the outcome is beyond satisfying. Through writing and videos, I provide guidance and inspiration so others can foster and enjoy the same tranquility I have found in living with purpose.

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Find your purpose and live simply today. Whether you’re just beginning or you have questions, I’m here to guide you.

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